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Evidensity is now a Highrise Dashboard

“One of the fundamental cognitive tasks in analytical thinking is to reason about causality. Thus one of the fundamental principles of analytical design is to show causality.” – Ed Tufte, Association or Causation?

HighriseHighrise, the great customer resource management (CRM) tool by 37signals has a lot going for it (great user interface, fast performance, low price), but it’s reporting tools are non-existent. So I’ve built one.

The goal of analytical design is to prove causation, answer questions, and ultimately predict the future with enough time to alter your behavior. Evidensity takes this approach by asking a question and then trying to answer it  For example:

Who is my best customer?

Is it the customer who gave us the most money?  Is the customer who we like the best?  Evidensity answers this using the Highrise API and figuring out the amount of money they’ve spent on you and pitting that against the amount of effort you’ve spent working on their proposals. In that way, we define the best customer as one who pays, values your time and doesn’t interfere with satisfying the rest of your customers.  Flipping that on it’s head, do you want to know…

Who is my worst customer?

Evidensity is a quick way to make a quantitative analysis of where to spend your proposal resources.  In addition to these questions, it also answers:

How are we doing lately?
What are the top pending deals?
Who is my top sales person?
Who do we deal with most? 

Try Evidensity for free for 7 days.  After that it’s $29.99/month.

Why would you sign up for a brand new service like this?  There are other analytical tools out there like eazyBI and others.  As an early adopter you’ll have huge influence on Evidensity’s development.

My World View

  • Some people don’t want customizable line graphs
  • They want actionable intelligence about their data.
  • Sales pipelines are built on faulty assumptions and overly optimistic sales people
  • They should be built on historical data.
  • Your eyes and brain can handle it, so fit tons of data into one screen.

If this sounds like something you can get behind, I recommend signing up and trying it out for a week.  All I ask for is some feedback.  Ever since I became the top question answerer at 37signals, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to help with implementation and training for companies.  I’d rather build things for a slightly wider audience.